Maybe you’ve tried to get healthy before…

Maybe you’ve tried just eating salads for a month. Maybe you’ve given it a good shot in the past but didn’t quite make it. Maybe you haven’t. You know what kale is. You like puppies (or turtles). It’s totally fine if you like turtles!

You’re already on the right track. You know something’s missing. You almost have it all together. You are human.

“You know that life is for living, trips for taking, and health for honouring!”

I’m Ellen, Founder of Eat Me Skinny.

I create detoxes and meal plans to inspire people like you to commit to changes they know they need in their health and maybe even lives. People that know something isn’t working and want to love themselves again. People who have been thinking about getting healthy for a while and are now ready to move forward.

I developed my Eat Me Skinny programs to blare over the loudspeaker that healthy isn’t hard and that 100lbs is not everyone’s healthy weight. That cooking can be painless and healthy and smokin’ hot can fit into everyone’s lifestyle no matter how busy… no matter how many pairs of sweatpants you own.

My detox programs and meal plans will put you on the road less travelled (with a map and some green juice… and possibly wine) and probably even get you there with a nicer derriere.

About me, Ellen, The Founder (of Eat Me Skinny no less)…


Health, life, my husband, my daughter, my pug, yoga, green smoothies, freedom, travel, and sarcasm (and wine. Can I say wine?)


Nassau, Bahamas (yep, I’m an island girl)

Fun Facts

  • I was only allowed junk food once a year as a kid (yep… once a year)!
  • I always have affirmations written on my mirrors at home.
  • I hate taking medicine. I meant despise.
  • I’m the shortest one in my family.
  • I have a potty mouth.
  • I am a salsa instructor.
Ellen in sunshine

Now… on to the formal stuff

I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Certified Yoga Teacher (250+ RYT), and newby online entrepreneur working to cultivate a lifestyle of freedom. The Universe is my religion, and I am working to show the world (or at least my clients) that our bodies want and can be healthy IF we take care of them as we should.

Isn’t it about time you played for keeps?