FOOD is LOVE and we are ready to share the LOVE!

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming offering in the world of healthy living.

Designed to fuel your body and your life, Eat Me Skinny Lunch Box conveniently delivers chef prepared, nutrition led meals and juices to your workplace.

Fresh, healthy food brings us joy and we want YOU to experience that joy too! Whether you're on the go or bound to a desk or the boardroom table, you shouldn't have to make sacrifices when it comes to the food you eat.

With an emphasis on organic and locally-sourced ingredients, we'll soon be bringing the island's freshest fare to a plate (or bottle) near you.




Choose Your Delivery Program
Complete order and payment info online and VOILA with a click of a button your week is sorted (…well it’s a start).


We Deliver Your Meals
Your healthy lunch is freshly prepared and delivered to your workplace. All you need to worry about is eating.


Eat, Enjoy and Feel GOOD
No shopping, no cooking, no stressing.
Enjoy your healthy lunch wherever you are. Now that's quality of life!

We will soon begin service. In the mean time sign up to our email list and start receiving our pre-launch updates as well as information on our newest offerings as they are released. Believe'll be worth the wait!

*This is an exclusive service with limited availability and clients will be selected on a first come first serve basis. Sourcing only the best ingredients and crafting them into perfectly nutritious and delicious greatness is no small task.

Eat Well - Health Lunch Delivery Nassau Bahamas

What is the food like, is it rabbit food?

No rabbit food here, but there will be veggies and lots of them. All of our meals are vegetarian at their core and packed with healthy plant-based protein to leave you feeling satisfied, not heavy (no more wanting to nap under your desk after lunch).

While we believe that properly paired grains and veggies can be just as pleasing as a meaty feast, we appreciate that not everybody feels this way so we have both CARNIVORE (more like OMNIVORE - no 10 lb steaks here) and VEGETARIAN meal programs.

*We will be using only the HIGHEST QUALITY animal protein, because we care, about YOU and the planet.


Our passion is healthy living and our goal is to ignite and maintain that same fire in others. The Eat Me Skinny Lunch Box is an extension of this goal and brings beautiful, nutritious food and juice to you. Uh more excuses =)

We are committed to respecting the earth, ourselves, our clients and our community. Where possible we source locally, we try to always choose organic (or organic and ethical standards where not certified) products, eggs will always be cage-free and get the picture, Point blank, WE CARE and we will always choose products and practices that are in line with our values.

About Us

We are mothers , entrepreneurs, fun-lovers and sun-seekers. We are serious yet crazy wild, and somehow, we BOTH ended up in the same place at the same time. The stars aligned, magic happened and a collaboration was born.


The Eat Me Skinny Lunch Box

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"We work along with the Universe to get this right.

One life. One shot."


"And if I need a rhythm, 

It'll be to my heart I listen"

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