Well H E L L O there!

It has definitely been A WHILE…BUT I have something exciting to share (No, I haven’t started a Winery or bought a coffee farm…although that all sounds VERY appealing).

EAT ME SKINNY will soon be offering a LUNCH MEAL DELIVERY service appropriately called LUNCH BOX!  Please refrain from peeing your pants in excitement (or at least until after I give you the low down).



Eat me Skinny Lunch Box conveniently delivers chef prepared, nutrition led meals and juices to your workplace.

All of our meals are vegetarian at their core and packed with healthy plant-based protein to leave you feeling satisfied, not heavy (no more wanting to nap under your desk after lunch).  And while we believe that properly paired grains and veggies can be just as pleasing as a meaty feast, we appreciate that not everybody feels this way so high quality meat will always be available as an option.  We also put an emphasis on organic and locally-sourced ingredients in an effort to keep things close to home and as fresh as can be!

In addition to Healthy Lunch we will also offer the following items:

♥ Midday Snacks

♥ Fresh-Pressed Juices



How it all came about…

Magic Sauce…
So…one day while in the throws of Mommyhood with my fellow hard knock Mommies, a friend and I got to talking about health and all things nutrition.  Turns out we both love health, nutrition, cooking (her more than me), mommyhood (most days) and each other (no, not like that).  We are mothers , entrepreneurs, fun-lovers and sun-seekers. We are serious yet crazy wild, and somehow, we BOTH ended up in the same place at the same time. The stars aligned, magic happened, and a collaboration was born.


I am pleased to introduce the other half of Eat me Skinny’s Lunch Box, Georgea Michelizza!


Here’s Georgea in a nutshell (you know…the important stuff):

Chef  ♥ Marketing Ninja ♥ Former Snowboarding Instructor  ♥  Recipe Creator  ♥  Food Blogger  ♥  Momma Bear to 2  ♥  Music Snob  ♥  Party Girl  ♥  Explorer  ♥  Spiritual Seeker  ♥  Life Lover  ♥  Aspiring Life Coach  ♥  Forever- Evolver

From the moment I met her, Georgea inspired me to cook (which is no easy task).  Not only that…she was amazing and was making amazing healthy food…plant-based food…my kind of food.   She and I knew that if people tasted her food combined with my knowledge, we could show them that making healthy food choices doesn’t have to be boring or full of sacrifice. Our mission is to get you as excited about healthy living as we are!

Georgea has more than 20 years of fine dining experience and couples her love of all things fine and fancy with her passion for healthy living to produce some bomb food that is not your standard health food fare.

On the flip side…my personal passion is nutrition and keeping people healthy through information, detoxing and awareness.  As most of you know, I am formally trained as a Health Coach and have worked for years with both individuals and groups doing seminars, cooking classes, and running group detox programs. Combined we are a force to be reckoned with.

Our passion is healthy living and our goal is to ignite and maintain that same fire in others. The Eat Me Skinny Lunch Box is an extension of this goal and brings beautiful, nutritious food and juice to you. Uh oh…no more excuses =)

Eat Well - Health Lunch Delivery Nassau Bahamas

We are living and sharing our dream with the world and THAT, my friends, is what PASSION and PURPOSE is all about! Gosh that feels good.

Stop asking ”What’s for lunch?” and sign up to find out more about Eat me Skinny’s Lunch Box at www.eatmeskinny.com/lunch-box.

We will be taking limited pre-launch sign ups, so make sure you sign up on the website to be included.  We promise it’s worth it!

XOXO     Ellen & Georgea





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