Yeah I know, I know.  Who wants to talk about shitty kid diapers, right?  WRONG!  I love talking about shitty diapers!!!!  Just call me a Mom!  The topic of the day is why I cloth diaper and why it makes sense.

I guess I kind of always knew I would use cloth diapers having grown up seeing them in my household.  My Mom used cloth diapers with all four of her kids (God bless her as that sounds like absolute hell to me).  I was old enough to help out with the cloth diapering for my little brother and sister (yay for me) so I got to see it firsthand.  Cloth diapers were just the norm for us.  So when we initially found out I was pregnant there wasn’t much debate…we knew we wanted to do cloth diapering (well at least I knew and proceeded to convince my hubby).

For some people the idea of using cloth diapers is gross or old-fashioned which believe me…I totally get BUT I very much disagree.  For one, the cloth diapers of today are not the fold, pin and cover with a shower cap-looking-thingy diapers of the past.  The cloth diapers of today are amazing!  They are both cuter than disposable diapers and just as functional.  May I also mention that they have saved us between $4,000 and $5,000 in the 3 years we have been using them.  Those disposable diapers add up!  I would also like to mention that I use the same diapers I did with my daughter on my son (with the exception of some colours).

A new baby averages between 8 and 12 diapers a day (all of you new mothers can attest to this phenomenon).  Both of my kids also had an extra sensitive bum (go figure) and hated to be wet (AT ALL)….so needless to say we were averaging about 15 diapers a day.  Ridiculous!  A pack of diapers costs between $11 and $13 and comes usually with 28-32 in a pack.  If you do the math, in diapers we were paying (only for the first month that we used disposables while waiting for the cloth diapers) about $150/month or a little more.  Add that over time (I’d rather not).

We initially bought 24 Bum Genius diapers (link here for the ones I love) for about $400 for my daughter then later bought another 12 (just under $200) more masculine colours for my son since seeing him in pink and purple was a bit disturbing to my husband.  These diapers are wonderful and can be used from the baby is newborn up until they don’t use diapers anymore (my daughter used them until she was potty trained at 2.5 years).  They expand with the child.  They come in snaps and Velcro and are super easy to use.  I recommend the snaps since they last longer and don’t stretch out.  They also come in a whole lot of beautiful colours which I happen to really like!  My sons’ diapers are a cute accessory (a necessary one). We also bought rice paper diaper liners which help for a quick and easy clean up after the “Do”.

Yes, we wash a lot (once a day).  Yes, we deal with poopy cloth diapers (a small price to pay).  Yes, our daughter looked cute in her bright fuchsia, purple and green diapers and my son looks cute in his navy blue and bright yellow.  Yes, we save a bunch of money.

Oh yeah….and there is that detail about putting less waste to be burned at our dump resulting in a SLIGHTLY cleaner Bahamas.  For me, that alone suffices.  How can we complain about something and then do nothing to help change it.  Cloth diaper, people!

If you need more convincing, please feel free to call me and I can easily continue my rant.

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