Tune Up Smoothie Detox


Learn how to bring your body back into alignment and reboot into weight loss mode. The you hidden beneath all the to-do lists and missed yoga classes.

  • Lose those few extra pounds
  • Have more energy
  • Take off the sweatpants!


“Because being healthy doesn’t mean you weigh 100lbs”

Just think of it as a “Cleaning out the closet” for your insides. And yes, I am an Eminem fan.

Over time our insides can start to look like the inside of our closet…or worse…our cars!  We fill them with junk and then wonder one day why there isn’t anymore room or why things aren’t running smoothly.

The Tune Up Smoothie Detox is a jump start for your body, your metabolism and your mind.

My detox will give you the glow back.  You got this, girl!!!

Why do a smoothie detox vs. a juice detox?

Both smoothie and juice detoxes are great for the body.  Each has a place in the world (kind of like Ernie and Bert.  Yes, I like Sesame Street).

Smoothie detoxes are great for people who aren’t quite 100% sure about the idea of just juices for 5 days. I feel ya. Although I will always recommend a juice detox first for the obvious reason that it gives your digestive system much more of a break, smoothie detoxes can help take you down the detoxing road (just a bit more of a scenic route). Smoothies are more filling which works great for people who feel like they would need a little something more in order to get through the days. Smoothies also have an added benefit of still having all of the fibre of the fruits and vegetables present and, therefore, no supplementation of fibre is necessary. Some of the information will overlap between both the smoothie and juice detox as both are working towards the same goal….getting rid of those toxins!

Some of the MANY proven benefits of detoxing:

  • Increased energy and strength
  • Assists with weight loss
  • Restores alkaline balance
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Rests gastrointestinal system
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Helps prevent disease
  • Tightens skin
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers cholesterol

What can I expect while on the smoothie detox?

Expect to feel fantastic once the detox is completed. You should feel lighter, happier and even be looking better. While moving through the detox, do note, however, that we are still cutting out a lot of things that your body is probably accustomed to having (and on a regular basis).

Inevitably our bodies are likely to react to that. For different people this can manifest differently. Some people will start to feel moodier and irritable as their liver detoxes as the liver is the organ linked to anger and irritability. Some people on the other hand will become more emotional and tap into sadness. Others will only have mild symptoms such as headaches and more frequent bowel movements. You should not have any serious symptoms.
Remember that there is nothing set in stone. You may move through your 3–5 day detox with no symptoms at all. A lot will depend on the toxic or non-toxic state of your body coming into the detox. If you have no detox symptoms, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t eliminating toxins. It may simply mean that your body has a lower toxic burden and/or may be more efficient at detoxifying (lucky you!).

Please note If the detox symptoms become overwhelming (to the point where you are unable to function), please stop the detox immediately and contact your doctor. Sorry, I have to be dramatic but better safe than sorry. NEVER continue a detox if you feel very unwell and feel that something may be seriously wrong. At any time, consult your doctor if necessary.

Please note that you can still moderately exercise while on the Tune Up Smoothie Detox.  Try to keep it around an hour or less per day you are on the detox unless you are feeling particularly sprightly!  Monitor how you are feeling and always check with your doctor before beginning any new health program or exercise regimen.

Word to the Wise: You will need a blender or access to somewhere that can make customized smoothies! It IS a smoothie detox after all!


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