Don't let your health reflect your responsibilities.

You could buy another diet book.  You could join Weight Watchers (that sounds like fun). You could take no action at all and see what changes. You could hope that one day you will just wake up with the willpower to just say no to that bowl of pasta or that slice of double–layered carrot cake your Mom baked you just because. Or, you can let me sort through all of the nutrition information out there and help jumpstart your health with an Eat me Skinny Detox or Meal Plan.


What you get with my programs:

  • Jump start healthy weight loss (notice I said healthy)
  • Strengthen your immune system (less colds and disease. Yes, please!)
  • Make you a better person (well… probably not but we can dream, right?)
  • Give you healthier more glowing skin
  • Help you to think clearer (bye bye brain fog)
  • Stop asking “what’s for dinner?”
  • Bring up your energy level (above sloth)
    • Meal Plans

    Polish Up – 7 day meal plan

    Stop asking "What's for dinner?" and make things easy for yourself with my Polish Up Meal Plan.  Learn how easy preparing your own meals can be with a little preparation and direction from Moi!  Drop those few extra pounds that have been hanging around like your mother-in-law.

    • Learn easy-to-make go-to recipes
    • Lose those few stubborn extra pounds
    • Put back on your bikini....or at least consider it!

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