Labeling a 2 year old is like saying what we want to be when we grow up….we all know that shit doesn’t work.  You change your mind 12 times and then decide on ‘BUSINESS’ (whatever the fuck that is anyway) because that’s how you make good money, right?  Then you take your ‘business’ salary on a trip to the organic store locally and realize that no amount of business is enough to pay $5.00 for a can of friggin red beans.  We’ll just have to have rice with no beans.  Sorry, kids!

Anyway….ironically someone suggested to me that I write a post on labeling put on our young children.  Ironic because I am dealing with the same thing.  So….maybe it is A THING.  Who would have known?  So…if you have a kid around the age of 2, seems like your kid probably has a label.  Oh yes, you may not know this….sorry if you’re the last to know but yes, your kid is a SOMETHING.  So here are the most common ones I’ve heard from other Moms.

Bully aka Hits and scratches (my daughter is lucky enough to have this delicate flower of a label).

Leader aka Bossy as shit (other Moms will tell you your kid is a leader because they don’t want to tell you she’s bossy as shit and wishes your daughter would stop bossing her whiner alone).

Whiner aka Shut that $#*&@! kid up.

Crybaby aka Oh my…that kid surely won’t survive life.

Sassy aka Why all the attitude?? She better tone it down…GEEZ.

Shy aka This kid is scared of a fly, he definitely won’t survive the big bad world.

Rebel aka Doesn’t listen to shit you say (actually all 2 year olds seem to share this gem).

Adventurer aka might break a leg (or both) or arm (or both) at any minute.

So….grab a coffee and think a while.  What is your kid?  If your lucky like me…your kid is only a “bully” which means that he might have a fighting chance.  God forbid you get a whiner or a crybaby.  All the other Moms shall scorn you.

No…but for real.  Why the fuck are we labeling 2 year olds anyway.  Does anyone see how severely insane that is?  Think back to when you were a child.  Did your parents tell you that you were a crybaby or shy or sassy?  Are you still that?  My guess is that you aren’t.  You know why?  BECAUSE YOU WERE 2 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  People change and a lot of years pass between being a 2 year old who can’t really express themselves properly to being a thirty-something adult.

So people, 2 year olds will be just that….2 year olds.  They want other kids’ toys, they can’t express everything they want or need and they get frustrated.  They will be afraid of things and people they don’t know.  They will not listen to you at all.  They will cry and whine and cry some more.  They will drive you batshit crazy.  It is a part of being a kid.  And each child figures the world out in their own way.  Some shy away from it, some will dive in head first and break an arm or two.  Let them live!  Stop labeling them and worse yet….labeling them behind their backs.

And if you say your kid doesn’t have a label then I feel sorry for you because….where’s the fun in that?

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