Caribbean people are unlike anything you’ve encountered before.  We are strong, stubborn, both mixed up and beautiful at the same time.  Most of all we are thick-skinned.

This week has really made me appreciate my thick-skinned island people even more (we won’t get into exactly why).  We don’t take things to heart.  We don’t cry at insults or cringe at criticism.  We are a rare breed of tough and have basically been born being criticized so it just isn’t anything new.  Our parents before us were tough and thank goodness they were.  It’s a rough world out there if you haven’t noticed.

I am able to let down my guard when around my fellow Caribbean people.  We don’t mince words and we get it.  Not everything we say is truly meant and we get that.  We raise our voices, we curse things, we curse each other, we lose our shit….then we’re ok!  We yell some obscenities then calmly ask you to “pass the salt” as if nothing happened.  That shit is normal to us.

There are a whole lot of people in my world that make walking on eggshells a must and quite frankly it sucks.  People who think everything is directed at them and take things down into the depths of their being.  Why, people?  My Caribbean blood just doesn’t get this.

Although I married a Mexican and have friends and acquaintances from all over the world, I still find refuge when talking to my fellow Bahamians and islanders.  If you are one, you get it.

Life has a trillion lessons and one of them (for all of us) I think is to not take things to heart.  Not everything that is said or done has to do with us.  Not everyone is out to get you.  Luckily if you are Caribbean you are ahead of the game.  Being Caribbean means you have the thick skin that is needed to just LET THAT SHIT GO!

Today, Caribbean people, my ode is to you….my safe place…the ones who get me.  No apologies needed because we didn’t really mean that shit anyway!

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