We’ve all heard it….”MEDITATE”.  Be one with Buddha.  Still your mind!  Try to think about nothing!  What the F* does that even mean?   Well….let me break down this meditation wall of “WHAT THE FUCK?”.  Why would anyone choose to sit in silence and do …well nothing?  Well….if you’re a parent like me, sitting in silence and doing nothing sounds like f-ing Alice in Wonderland shit (Aka nonexistent).  Quite frankly it sounds like heaven.  But…why would anyone not in a daily screaming kid situation want to actually sit in silence?  I mean….Facebook stalking is MUCH more fun.

So…here are my top 5 reasons for meditating and down below I put a quick HOW TO guide for those newby meditators out there.

Top 5 Reasons For Meditating

1.  Proven to help de-stress.  I mean….who doesn’t need to de-stress?  I know I do.  Meditation can help to lower blood pressure as well as cortisol levels.

2.  Helps us to tap into our intuition.  Ok…this may sound woo woo to some of you….BUT NO!   Meditation takes away the stimuli we are subject to on a daily basis.  Facebook anyone?  This lack of stimuli allows our brains to actually think for themselves instead of just REACTING.  This can help us a ton with simple things such as good decision-making.  If we are always go go go, our brains (and subconscious) will never have a moment to actually tell us anything.

3.  Reminds us of who we truly are deep down.  When we sit in silence without the world and others influencing us, we can truly start to understand who we are and what the heck we’re doing here.

4.  Improves our immune system.  It’s proven that our immunity can go up significantly by regularly meditating.

5.  Makes us better parents and people.  Quite frankly I SUCK AS A PERSON when I have no time for myself.  I dwell on all the things I would do if only I had time.  I get bitchy and unreasonable (or is that just me?).  Either way…meditation counts as downtime for me and makes me an overall happier person.  Nothing woo woo about that.

 Quick How-To Guide to Meditation

1.  Sit down comfortably cross-legged or on a chair with both feet flat on the floor.

2.  Put on a timer if you are on a tight schedule or just want to start with a set amount of time.  I recommend no less than 10 minutes a day to start and working up to 30 minutes or more.

3.  Put on some soft background music (preferably with no words) and light a candle.  If that all sounds too woo woo then cut the candle and music and just sit.

4.  Close your eyes.

5.  Breathe gently and slowly in through the nose and out through the nose.

6.  Just breathe and try to relax.  If you find yourself thinking about everything but flying green-spotted giraffes, bring yourself back by focusing on the space between the eyebrows.

7.  Sit there like this for as long as you want or until your timer goes off.

Sounds easy enough.  It isn’t!!!!!!!  Our minds don’t want to be still.  Facebook. Instagram. Who messaged me???????  Chaos will still be there for you when you finish meditating. I promise!

 “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour”. – old zen proverb

Remember…it isn’t just the body that needs rest.

Truth right there, people!   Try it!

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