I’m not sure I should say this out loud but I’m a working mom and I LOVE IT.  We are another breed…. a dying breed.  With more and more mothers now opting to be stay at home moms (as in the past), the respect for the women who do decide to go back to work seems to be dipping.

Now…don’t get me wrong….there are some working moms that wish they could stay at home and probably some stay at home moms that wish they could take off the yoga pants and have a meeting that doesn’t involve a two year old.  I get it.  This post isn’t for those people who aren’t where they want to be….my disclaimer (because my goal here isn’t to trample any toes).  This post is for those working moms who want to work and DO.

I get quite a lot of judgment at times for having decided to go back to work with two young kids.  How dare I not stay home and just raise my children????  How dare I let someone else RAISE MY CHILDREN (which may I add is a phrase that I utterly despise with all of my being as well as being totally false)????  How can I possibly bare the overwhelming sense of guilt that I should have as a mother for not being with them 24/7?????  My answer is simple.  There are two types of women in this world (as mentioned earlier)….those that would go absolutely batshit crazy if they stayed home with kids all day and those that revel in that shit (literally sometimes).  I, admittedly, am the former.  I had the option to stay home with my daughter Vesper when she was born (and had even resigned….long story).  Thank goodness I didn’t succeed in resigning as by week 3 of maternity leave I was ready to get the hell out of the house.  Why?  I have no idea!!!!!!! I am pretty sure some women are just hardwired to bring home some bacon if not the bacon.

Is it wrong that we working moms like money (or is that just me?)???  I mean…the idea of asking my husband for money literally makes me throw up a little in my mouth.  No snazzy coffee maker???  No new sexpot outfit because I have become the sacrificial lamb in sweat pants??? Not for me!  I have always been competitive (almost to a fault) and fiercely independent (this may have been a product of a working mother as well).   We working moms have guilt….probably a lot of it.  We feel scared we aren’t doing the right thing.  We wonder if we’re scarring our children by not being home all the time.  We ask ourselves whether we will regret our decision.  Then we remember we are badasses.  We get to be Moms, have a career (aka bring home some bacon), show our kids that they can do or be anything, and put on a damn pair of high heels once in a while.  Oh….and don’t forget the fact that I can actually get a hot coffee or tea in during office hours since that shit doesn’t happen at home…EVER.

Yes, us working Moms are a special kinda something.  It takes some big balls to get up every day and make your dreams happen as well as taking care of your little people.  It takes gall to feel the guilt and doubt, hear the cries of your kids as you leave and go anyway.  Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t quite be YOU.

To my working mommas out there…I see you and I feel what you feel.  We are doing the right thing because when you’re happier….so is everyone.  Not forgetting yourself, your life, your wants, your dreams, your money isn’t wrong….it’s downright essential for some of us…ME INCLUDED.   So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Yes, fellow working moms, I see you!

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