“You drink COFFEEEEE????” a woman almost screeched at me.  “Yep” I replied.  “But you’re breastfeeding, aren’t you?” she asked.  Me….”Yep! AND?”.  So…besides acknowledging nosy people who don’t have any business up in my BIZZZZNESSSS what can we learn from this?

  1. Nosy people are annoying!
  2. Coffee really isn’t that bad….actually it’s pretty good for you (yes, yes…in moderation of course).

There seems to be a stigma around bring pregnant or lactating (that word always sounds so cow-like) and drinking coffee.  Frankly I don’t understand it seeing as I most definitely WOULD NOT survive if I weren’t allowed coffee. I mean…how would I stay awake????  How would ANY new mom stay awake?

I also just happen to like coffee which is probably the actual reason I drink it.  But in case you need some convincing, here is a list of coffee’s almost superhero qualities:

  • Coffee (well caffeine) helps burn fat. Um….yeah…sign me up!
  • Coffee can improve certain aspects of brain function like mood, memory, and energy levels.
  • Coffee can help lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
  • Coffee can improve physical performance (makes sense since it gives energy).
  • Coffee lowers the risk of getting depressed. Great for new Mom’s!  See….there is a point.
  • Coffee can help lower risk of getting Parkinson’s disease.
  • Coffee can lower risk of getting Type II Diabetes.
  • Coffee can lower the risk of developing certain cancers such as colorectal and liver.
  • Coffee contains healthy antioxidants! Yes, it does!

So, mommas or any sleep-deprived non-momma (in which case I’m not sure you deserve coffee because you don’t appreciate sleep), drink up.

My recommendation is to have no more than 2 8oz cups per day (most people’s CUP of coffee is actually like CUPS of coffee). And I also don’t recommend caffeinated coffee during the first trimester of pregnancy.  Other than that, for me, coffee is fair game.

Coffee can put extra strain on the adrenal glands so if you’re stressed out or seriously sleep deprived then keep it to a minimum (a CUP a day at most). No one wants adrenal fatigue.

Remember to try and choose an organic coffee if possible as organic coffee will have no use of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides and will also be much higher in antioxidants than conventional coffee. Organic coffee growers also have more respect for forests which means no slashing and burning went on for you to get your cup o Joe.

And with that I say, Drink up, people!

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